Green Issues At VCB

Our Mission Statement


The aim of our 'Green Work' in the College is to increase our awareness of global concerns i.e. the food, energy and global warming crisis, to reflect upon our own personal and cultural responsibility and consider possible preventions and solutions to problems in these areas.

We will be actively involved in these goals and there will be many opportunities for communication amongst other schools especially about the environment. Within these discussions we shall include topics of ideas, experiences and goals.


Through this we hope they will take ownership of the project and become autonomous environmentalists;

‘Our Planet - Our Future.

Our Planet - Our Future


Our prime objectives are to protect and improve the environment, to conserve energy and to promote sustainable ways of development. We play a central role in delivering the environmental priorities of Victoria College through our functions and our roles. We as members of the Eco Committee must work together to protect our planet. Our planet is ever changing and so will our school’s development of becoming a “greener” school.

M.A.D - Make



"We felt that this was an organisation demonstrating that caring for the environment was a duty for everyone to follow. The Eco-Schools gave us the freedom of action to conserve and protect the world and its biodiversity, to inform others how our actions can make a big difference in combating against litter and to be more precise to the school’s agenda at heart - to reduce our waste and resources. We are privileged to become Eco Prefects for this year and will be looking forward to meeting this year’s challenges."

Eco Gallery


Eco Mural

Watch a video below of Victoria College's Green Options Eco Game.

Video Background

The video shows a play through of the VCB Green Options Eco Game that is available in school for girls so that they can learn about environmental issues in a fun and interactive way.

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