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Our Mission Statement


The aim of our 'Green Work' in the college is to increase our awareness of global concerns i.e. the food, energy and global warming crisis, to reflect upon our own personal and cultural responsibility and consider possible preventions and solutions to problems in these areas.

Our Planet - Our Future


Our prime objectives are to protect and improve the environment, to conserve energy and to promote sustainable ways of development.



B.E.L.T is the abbreviation used to summarise Victoria College's main Eco targets, it stands for:

Eco Mural

Watch a time lapse video below of the creation of our Eco Mural made from recycled materials.

Video Background

After After helping VCB maintain its prestigious Green Flag for excellence in the field of environmental activity, our Eco-Committee set about raising awareness of waste within the school. To achieve this an Eco Mural was created, made entirely from recycled materials.

Area Map

Victoria College Belfst.

2A Cranmore Park.


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